ESSENTIAL/HAIRCARE With the same care, vision and passion as the herbalists of Renaissance times we combined science and tradition with the essence of Mediterranean herbs, flowers and fruit to bring you Davines/Essential Haircare line. We conceived a range of product families each with their own ‘nick’ name. Each family is targeted for specific hair needs, and are enriched with natural anti-oxidant and protective properties. PACKAGING CONCEPT The packaging represents the “purification” of the form and focuses instead on function. By packaging Essential Haircare in recyclable containers, we create less waste and ensure low environmental impact. They are reusable, food-grade containers for home use that are freezer and microwave-safe. NATURALTECH/HAIRCARE We also carry the Davines/NATURALTECH line FREE of PARABENS and SURFACTANTS enriched with PHYTOCEUTICALS for anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-radical actions, along with the use of essential oils for unique scents. A line of treatment products to solve the most common problems or ailments of the scalp and hair. We have created a perfect synergy between nature and technology, combining only the best carefully selected raw materials with the most advanced science and research. Go to the Davines website for a current list of products.

Plump Up Your Hair with the Davines Replumping System!

Hyaluronic Acid, recognized for it’s ability to retain water and fill areas lacking in hydration. It also helps to restore elasticity and the offer the hydration hair needs for a replumped, compact and smoothing effect. Treatments start with Replumping Shampoo then if neccessary Replumping conditioner, then a Hair filler Superactive for 10 mins. At home to extend the benefits we recommend the Hair Filler Superactive leave-On spray which provides a longer-lasting style and helps combat humidity! Ideal for All hair types!

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